Our highly qualified tax practitioners will assist you with your Foreign Tax Clearance Certificate (FTCC) application, providing an efficient and stress free process.


Owing to the stringent South African Reserve Bank (SARB) exchange controls, all the individuals who
wish to take money offshore are required to process under the SARB regulations. There are a two
main options discretionary allowance and Foreign Investment allowance (FIA) To apply for the you
are required to have a SARS foreign tax clearance. Apply now



Waiting in queues? not sure how to complete the application. Let our Tax practitioners who are
registered with SARS assist you with the application. This will allow for a more expedient process ,
where we deal directly with SARS on your behalf, allowing a more seamless process with quicker
turn around times.


Apply today!

Needing to transfer money abroad and require the foreign tax clearance certificate (FIA001) let
us assist you insuring you don’t waste your time, in queues , fillings out forms or any of the other
stresses that come about from dealing with a SARS tax clearance.
Apply now

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